Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Stuff In "The Pacific North Wet"!

What a crazy, busy end to the summer! After getting in touch with the realm at Faerieworlds Harvest Festival under Mount Pisgah, we headed north, just west of Salem for the first Rootstalk Festival! Lots of great educators and speakers really made this a wonderful experience! Just getting finished making and canning blackberry jam, containing blackberries picked just 2 & 1/2 miles from our front door! Expect the videos soon! We also harvested over 9 lbs. of elderberries! The elderberries will be used for mead, wine, & medicines! Though our garden was ravaged by a small deer family, we have managed to get a breakfast of blue potatoes, a handful of beans, a good bushel of corn for cornmeal, 1 artichoke, a few maters & tomatillos, some chard, some lettuce, some spinach, some jeruselum artichokes, and various other goodies.... Next year, besides better deer-proofing, we will plant an over abundance, just in case! Hurray for the harvest!

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