Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Bluing Primer

A Bluing Primer
The Process Of Making Your Old Rifle Look Like New

After a while, a rifle's luster will begin to fade, and the finish on the barrel will wear off. You can blue it yourself at home to return it to the brilliance it once had. Alot of gun stores and sporting good store will have kits available an by doing it your self it will save you money.
Here are some of the items you will need to get started:
1. steel wool
2. de-greaser
3. alcohol
First, remove the stock from the rifle. You want to be working with only metal and no wood or plastic. Refer to the manual for proper disassemble procedures. If you do not have the manual, see if you can find information about your gun's dismantling online, YouTube is a great source for these types of things!
Next, use your steel wool to firmly, but evenly remove any rust spots. If there are any nicks underneath the rust and on the surface of the gun, rub on them until the metal is completely smooth and polished looking. Make sure you take it all down to the bare metal. Now thoroughly clean your hands with alcohol, paying special attention to your fingertips. This is to help you not leave any fingerprints on the metal. At this point I like to use surgical gloves.
  Now you will want to use a small square of toilet paper and plug both ends of the barrel. Use a clean cloth saturated with the de-greaser and rub until the metal is clean. Now rinse the metal with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth or towel. Repeat this process again. Now let it rest for about ten minutes. I would recommend cleaning your hands and fingertips at this time again with the alcohol.
Now soak the sponge until it is completely saturated with the gun bluing compound. Gently, apply bluing to the rifle barrel using the same stroking technique as you would use with a paintbrush. I always think of the Karate Kid's training at this time! Definitely do this until every single bit of the metal is coated. Now let the bluing rest and dry for about five minutes, then rinse the entire surface of the barrel with luke warm water. Now take the time to wipe the surface dry and again let it rest for for five minutes. OK, now give the surface of the barrel a gentle and light once over with the steel wool. You may see streaking in the finish at this point, and if you do, repeat the process from the beginning until you are satisfied with the results.
step by step summary:
1. remove the stock from the rifle
2. steel wool to firmly, but evenly remove any rust spots
3. de-grease, rinse, repeat
4. blue, rinse, and rest

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