Sunday, April 29, 2012

On the road again...

Unfortunately, I get the pleasure of working forty-five minutes away from the homestead. The drive to work gives me plenty of time to try and figure out how to get our homestead self-sustainable... the drive home gives me lots of time to contemplate all the things I could of been doing on the farm...   But hey, until we are self-sustainable, I gotta' keep the bacon coming, right?   It does seem awfully depressing though,...  it seems like the only sunny days are the ones I'm at work on. And I miss so many things that happen when I am work! I have lots and lots of side projects in the works to get home: a novel I'm writing, eBay, adsense, managing Amber Fox Apothecary, prepping rain barrels to sell, selling eggs, the list goes on..  I once heard somewhere that to be optimal, you must have monthly income no less than three times your monthly rent or mortgage. Sounds right...   Wish me luck! And to all those out there struggling through the same or similar circumstances: Press on!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We feel the same way. It seems that when we finally have time do to something, the weather won't cooperate. For a long time it seemed like it only rained on the weekend and then with the recent burning, it seemed like the wind was always schedule to be high. It will all work out perfectly. It's just hard to be patient!

  2. Ugh! I empathize, as I'm in the same boat... Long drive every day. All week I plan for the weekend (which is for work on the property, not rest, of course)

    As for the drive itself, audiobooks man. Totally the way to go. :)

    1. yea, unfortunately, our car doesn't have a radio or tape/cd player! I sing a lot... hahaha!