Friday, March 4, 2011

sketch to the future!

SO this is the sketch I did up on Windows Paint. It has ALOT of stuff we haven't even started yet, but, you know, we gotta plan ahead!
Starting at the top right hand:
We got the pump house, moving to the left(east) we come across the proposed berry patches as well as herbs and such for Amber Fox Woman Apothecary. Then we walk across the driveway (gotta get those pebbles!) and into the far herb and berry patch. as we walk down the picture (north) we run into the play structure (still on the drawing board). Across the driveway lies more herb gardens. The garage/tarp shed is next followed by the small wood shed. behind that is the chicken yard and the coop location. still moving northward, we get to the goat pen. I didn't put the cherry trees in here, but the are in this area. obviously the gardens come next and the deer path through the apple trees. the fire pit is what we come to moving towards the right of the picture (west). Just beyond that is the site for the greenhouse. We have the structure, but have yet to move it to it's location. The arbor is the peach colored square and the strawberry raised bed garden is already in place right behind the house, as well as the rectangle herb garden. The hot tub will probably be located just off the front porch.

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