Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow, finally...

Well, we missed the snow that happened at Thanksgiving, because we visited Amanda's dad's homestead down in New Mexico. But just a couple weeks ago, we finally got snow here! It was beautiful! the roads were nice and covered for two days! Jack told some slippery tales about his pump truck, and we had a "fun" drive home from Eugene The night of the snow. But all in all, the homestead looked beautiful in the snow! We brought out the sled, but never actually used it for anything but a h older for snowballs and a shield against snowballs! Isabelle made a cute snow-cat, and Tigger had a winter coat on! The kitten (Ocie) had fun frolicking, since it was her first snow. All-in-all, I gotta say it was good! :)

1 comment:

  1. our house, is a very, very, very fine house! with 3 cats in the yard, life used to be so hard. now everything is easy cuz of you!!