Sunday, June 19, 2011

a little father's day math...

Okay. Wow. I decided this morning, being Father's Day, I would do some math to feel good. I wanted to figure out just how much square footage of planting space we have and are going to plant. First, I started with just the two gardens. Then I realized we have lots and lots of raised beds and planting spaces. Plus the arbor. Plus the greenhouse. Plus the berry patch. Wow. After spending lots of time measuring, then some more time converting and adding, I came up with 135' x 228' of actual planting space. That's veggies and herbs and a few flowers (we don't have many of those! Most of our space is for herbs and veggies!). If I did the math right, that's 30,780 square footage of planting space available. Again, wow. I do feel blessed!

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