Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Updates and happenings around the homestead...

The garden is ready for fencing and planting! The row mounds are done!

And I have started digging the pond out! I will be lining it this weekend. The hill is made of the dirt pulled out for the pond. It will create a berm to separate the pond from the main activity of the backyard, so that any wildness will not be hampered by us!

Our grapes, while still in pots, are doing good!

Our green house is full of life, just waiting to be transplanted!

The strawberries are starting to bear fruits!

Even the peas are getting into it!

We set up a small pool for the kiddos, and I am now searching the countryside for a free dis-used hot tub to add to the mix! I was given the 'Stylish Blogger Award' by Leigh from '5 Acres & A Dream' blog. accordingly, I have to pass it on to seven other blogs. Here are seven blogs I find enjoyable! Please visit them!
  1. afloat the tributary of sentience - good musing and beautiful photography!
  2. Forest Walk Art - good pictures. Enjoyable!
  3. Living Our Way - homesteading and homeschooling...
  4. Rainwalker Mesa - pictures and thoughts from up on the mesa.
  5. Nine Bean Rows in a Bee-Loud Glade - new blog, but from a neighbor here in the Willamette Valley!
  6. Wranglerstar - Off grid homestead building project
  7. Whose Woods - running through the woods..

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  1. wow...thanks for mentioning me...and passing along the award. i appreciate it...can you see me blushing?!!
    hey...your place in the woods is great!
    i love the snowy pic! i MISS the snow! and since it's HOTHOTHOT where i'm at right now...i appreciate the snow scene...aaaaaaah..coolness!