Sunday, June 5, 2011

A week of finds:

  1. Grape vines for the arbor, from the Alpine sharing gardens.

  2. Free canopy for Tigger, found on a craigslist ad.

  3. Another bamboo pole, another roost for the birds! That's two 8' roosts for 21 birds... more than enough space!

  4. We discovered we have to have a pre-hatch tracking system for broody hens. I am developing the system now. Watch for updates!

  5. Sunshine! I expect to have the garden tilled by Monday evening!

  6. The weed-eater has died,... long live the weed-eater.... found an electric replacement at goodwill for $10. I believe it was donated because the spool was a complete tangled mess. This proved to be an easy, simple fix.

  7. Feed store only 8 miles away has the same local feed at the same price as the feed store 18 miles away!

  8. Two huge saw horses. Free w/ the truck canopy!

  9. Neighbor is looking for locals that will ride her horses! The Queen & Isabelle are really digging this one!


  1. Fantastic finds, I'd say. It pays to be always on the lookout!