Thursday, May 10, 2012

 So, efficiency aside, I started tilling the garden today by hand...  We cannot afford to gas up the tiller, so I figured I'd just do it the old fashioned way! A lot of work, let me tell ya'! Last year we had 3 other beds we did by hand too.  this year it wasn't so bad, as the soil is doing really good! A primer for those of you who don't know how to till by hand:
Stage 1:

 Step 1:
   Start by digging a shovel fully into the soil.

Step 2:
Flip the soil in the shovel over and back into the small hole you just dug up.

stab the dirt clod first one way,


then the other.

Stage 2:
We used a Weed Witch for this job. Just break it all up into a good bed!

I really love getting out and doing it, now that the weather is permitting and the ground has finally dried up enough to do so!

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