Monday, May 21, 2012

Garden Party Extravaganza!

The Garden Party Extravaganza was a huge success! Harkening back to the old fashioned barn-raising type get togethers, twelve adults, eight kids, and three dogs all got together for a productive celebration of community, friendship, spirituality, and fun. Punctuated by delicious steak kabobs, a huge bowl of fresh salad, and mouth-watering homemade potato chips, smiles and seeds flew in a frenzy. Occasional bamboo stick battles and a fairy with a squirt gun aside, the labyrinth garden bed, as well as the squash triskelion garden bed got turned out and planted. Wine & home-brewed beer accented the palates as the day drew to an evening bonfire brouhaha. With the gardens planted, fences mended, and the solar eclipse looming ahead for the next day, guitars were brought out and a good foot-tapping fireside sing-along ensued. All things accounted for, the Garden Party Extravaganza was a huge success! Yes, I repeated myself...... now,..... what's on everybody else's agenda that would require many hands and many smiles.....

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  1. what an awesome time that was! so grateful to everyone that came out and made it so wonderful! <3